Elle Belle’s “Post Everything” Amps Up The Alt Energy!

Press play and turn it up–there’s something so vintage and fresh about Elle Belle’s “Post Everything”. The new single kicks off Belle’s upcoming album, which will be released Nov 13. Get ready because it’s 2:19 of amped up guitars and catchy rhythms. You’ll feel the alt flannel vibes along with a fresh take of today.

First off, the beginning of the song mentions Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Wait, what?! Oh man. The Pumpkins were my favorite band in the 90’s while growing up. Today is the greatest, because there’s an awesome new song called “Post Everything”! So yeah, I immediately sat up because I knew the rest was gonna be soo good. And it delivered. The verse features a very cool bass and drum beat, building up to a rocketing chorus with blasting guitars which made me want to run down the sidewalk in pure joy (filmed in slow motion) while the leaves pile on the ground. Watch out for that random person on a bike, rock n roll is dangerous! Okay maybe I’m getting too excited here, but that’s what this song does–music fans, beware! The cool thing about the track is that it ends abruptly, leaving you wanting more. “Post Everything” proves to be a solid first single and great preview of the upcoming album.

Click below to hear “Post Everything”


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