We are immensely passionate about reviewing the latest in music, pop culture, and the proverbial rager. Well, minus the part where you wake up with a throbbing headache; laying next to an empty box of pizza, refusing to look at the texts you sent to your ex last night. Don’t beat yourself up, but do everyone a favor and move on dude! Located in the city of bridges and steel; we heavily agree that going to a show is the best possible experience one can have, even life changing. We go to countless shows and are in the trenches; singing every word to each song, and meeting amazingly beautiful music fans along the way. There was a time when we tried to crowd surf, but we’ll save that gem for another day. So if you are debating about going to a show or yearning to read how your  favorite band’s gig went last weekend; don’t worry, we have got you covered! Just remember that if there is a party in town (especially the Boss, raise your hand E Street nation!) we will be there, because we are Where The Bands Are.

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