The Alt Weekly

Welcome to the first edition of Alt Weekly! Each week I’ll be talking about the latest songs being played, new discoveries, and all the fun that went down on Alt Nation (channel 36, Sirius XM). Here’s the thing: I’ve been listening to the station since 2011. So yeah, I’m excited to do this. Thanks for checking it out!

Week ending April 8,2023

This week’s episode of Advanced Placement featured the one and only Madison filling in for Reagan as the host. One thing is for sure: there’s always a variety of new acts that debut on the show. To be played on the show is a big deal. It’s almost like a stepping stone to greater things, like getting heavy rotation on Alt Nation. That can lead to playing huge festivals. Anyway, let’s talk about a couple songs that jumped out at me and made me say “yes I’m writing this down!”.

Wallice “Best Friend”

I really wasn’t expecting this. Madison let us know that Wallice has been opening for the 1975. The song starts out kind of eerie but you feel like something is going to happen. Then the chorus kicks in and it’s really great. You just wanna live in that chorus. The cool drumbeat fits the smooth vocals and evocative lyrics, “why did you stay for that encore? you looked bored” is freaking good. All the while swaying to the chorus in a guitar crunch haze in the smoke and lights of the crowd. It ends in a whirl of drums and chords strumming away. This song played live would be a show highlight. Let’s hope we hear it more!

Royal Otis “Going Kokomo”

This is a fun title to say out loud. Go ahead and try it! Fun, right?! Before the song began I had my fingers crossed in hoping it would be a catchy jam. It is! This has all the makings for a singalong during the summer days. Try not to sing along. You can’t! No idea what ‘going to Kokomo’ means but that’s fine because it’s a feel good fun song. We will see if it gets more rotation. Very much hoping that it catches momentum on the station.

A song that is getting more play: While studying for my masters (almost done in a couple weeks!), I was playing Alt Nation on my phone and typing on my laptop. The song “Call me what you like” by LoveJoy has been catching my attention. The vocals have a very Bravery-ish type feel. Very cool guitar notes, leading to a driving melody that you can get into. The cover artwork for the single is a plane on fire going down but this song should be flying to the Alt-18 countdown in the coming weeks. Sorry I had to go there!

Up next we have the Alt-18 countdown for the week. Hozier’s “Eat your young” made its debut to kick off the countdown. Another debut, Tame Impala’s “Wings of Time”, hit the number 11 spot. Chvrches “Over” took the 5 spot while Benee’s ever popular “Green Honda” drove to number 2. Young the Giant took home number 1 with “The Walk Home.” #Alt18 #AltNation


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