Beabadoobee “Care” Is Fall Rock Fun

Fall is in the air–let’s kick out some jams for the cool season. And Beabadoobee “Care” is the jam. Come on and crank up and caaarrreeee. It’s the new single from her upcoming album “Fake It Flowers” coming Oct 16. The track kicks off with acoustic strums and it’s all nice and sweet but then she gets real, singing, “stop saying you give a shit, because you don’t really care, care, yeah.” Cue the pumped up guitars that will have you turning up the volume in your room as you singalong to the chorus and wow she’s so right! The song has a nice bridge which leads to her asking, “Are you the same?” over a cool drum beat and guitar riff. The sound is very 90’s, very awesome. This song rocks. Click below to watch the awesome video.


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