The Black Keys release new single “Lo/Hi”

The Black Keys
                                                                                                             Image via The Black Keys Facebook

by Josh McCann

Here’s five words that will jump start anyone’s day: The Black Keys are back. Yes, fans rejoiced when the duo released their new single “Lo/Hi” this past week. Has it really been five years since we last heard from them?! The wait is over, and all that waiting has payed off because “Lo/Hi” rocks like a blistering bar anthem star in the howlin rain riff that kicks.

As a huge fan of the band, in which I saw them blast out arena’s, festivals, and parking lots–I wondered when the band would step back into the spotlight and crush the rock world. The new single reminds us of the straight ahead gut punch pedal to the floor full throttle power they have. Attack and release lonely boy–there’s always gold on the ceiling. “Lo/Hi” begins with a cool crush guitar fuzz groove, moving to a gospel tinged chorus while the pounding drums keep the beat for the all afternoon drive. Lead singer Dan Auerbach sings, “Nobody to love to you/Nobody to care,” while drummer Patrick Carney strikes the beat with all the cool and all the flare. Low, high, high, low–let it rip.

Click below and listen to “Lo/Hi”



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