The Mowgli’s explore relationships with new EP “American Feelings”

                                                                                                                    Image via the Mowgli’s Facebook

by Josh McCann

There’s something righteous about a new Mowgli’s EP being released on the verge of Spring. When I think of the Mowgli’s–I think of sun drenched days where the ocean waves break and there’s nothing but blue sky, beverages, and the promise of a crazy night. The band was meant to be a soundtrack for summer. The jams still kick during the cold bitter days, but there’s some extra sauce when the warm weather hits. Their new EP “American Feelings” is a fantastic set of songs by one of the most consistent bands in rock today.

To be honest—I wanted the EP to keep playing, leading to some bonus track like it was 1994 and the cassette suddenly plays a hidden track at the end. Speaking of nostalgia–the second track “Mr. Telephone” rings true. “What a sign of the time it is,” Colin Dieden sings over an upbeat rhythm and classic Mowgli’s group style chorus. There was a time when people actually talked over the phone, communication was ultra personal, and there’s a lot of that missing today. Music video idea! Maybe have the band talking on telephones and payphones with a split screen while they move across the American highways on tour. Say it, just say it.

I’ve been a fan of the Kansas City based band since they took the alt nation charts by storm with their hit “San Francisco” back in 2013. Since then they have put out two strong LP’s–2015’s “Kids in Love” and 2016’s “Where’d Your Weekend Go?” A few months ago they released the the four track EP “I Was Starting to Wonder”. The band keeps busy with non-stop touring, churning out more music along the way. We’re all waiting for the next album, but with a new EP, how could anybody be living in a bad dream?

“Hard to Love” has a sweet acoustic breakdown and guitar riff buildup, “Norman Rockwell” features a revelation in the day to day life of trying to figure shit out. “I’m stuck in the paint on the wall in a picture frame” can be relatable to anyone feeling trapped. The awesome thing about the Mowgli’s is that they take dark lyrics and set them to bright melodies, all the while keeping their signature sound and growing with new music. A good example of that is “Let’s talk about it” which is the best track off of “American Feelings.” The rousing amped up jam features singer Katie Earl crooning “Maybe the universe is giving us a sign,” while the anticipation builds with a solid drum beat and punk rock stride –you can just imagine all of the kids in love jumping in unison at the shows. If the tracks off of “American Feelings” is a taste of what’s to come–I’m there man.



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