Hollywood Nights: Next City releases debut Single “Blue Star”

by Josh McCann

Next City Band

Next City via Facebook   

The Hollywood scene and starlit dreams–it’s always an intriguing look when it comes to the reality of the city of angels. The debut single “Blue Star” by LA based rock band Next City shines a fresh take on the maddening LA lifestyle. It’s a song meant for a summer ride on the edge of LA—all the promises, hopes, and dreams in the distant glimmering lights. Watch out, you may never come back the same.

“Blue Star” kicks off with a catchy hand clap beat and sleek guitar riff. Lead singer Samuel Larsen, best known for his work on the hit show Glee, howls “I promise that I’ll never change” with sultry rock n roll front man attitude. You believe the vocals, and wonder how awesome Next City would be at a live show, massive crowd singing along, amps loud–all the blue stars aligned. The song keeps the momentum going, especially in the second verse, when Larsen sings “take me to the limit” over a dance party groove. “Blue Star” showcases an exciting new band on the rise. There’s loud guitars, strong charisma, and an awesome video too. The video features a girl lost in the madness, surrounded by creepy costumes and flashing lights, leading to a wild scene with a twist. Watch it here. Turn it up.



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