The new video from alt rock artist Meg Myers is both awesome and uncomfortable

By Josh McCann

Image result for meg myers numb pics

During the new video for Meg Myers single “Numb,” the artist sings into the camera while other people hover around and poke at her. Yeah, it can be uncomfortable to watch, and that’s the point. This is the first we’ve heard from Myers, who garnered alt rock fans with her 2015 LP “Sorry.” The new track, which is the first single off of Myers upcoming record “Take Me to The Disco,” is an alt rock blast with a bass/drum buildup and gut punch chorus that screams to be played live.

In the video, Myers is put in awkward situations, from people invading her space in a cubicle, to being surrounded by a circle of people, trapped with nowhere to go. Myers howls, “I hate the feeling of this weight upon my shoulders / Pushing the pressure down on me.” The track has a 90’s grunge vibe, and the video would be a hit on 120 minutes. If this is any indication of the new record, Myers will be poised for more success, leaving fans anything but numb.



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